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    I never really showed off my chickens! With our new rope lightning instead of a bulb you can actually see inside my coop. I plan to breed them once the egg production gets better. But here's the rundown: Wheaten Ameraucanas, standard and bantam Buckeyes, bantam Dominiques, d'Anvers of various colors, a partridge Cochin, bantam partridge Wyandottes, a couple female Silkies,Australorp hen, LF Welsummers, d'Anver Dominique bantam cross? And Ameraucana rooster/ Australorp or Dominique hen EE. I think. And white Call ducks.
    Hopefully you will notice this isn't pics of all of them.
    Luna, self blue d'Anver
    Mabel or something, bantam Buckeye hen with some rooster we are gonna get rid of.
    Raven, black d'Anver hen.
    Left to right: blue wheaten Ameraucana cockerel, BlackJack a black d'Anver rooster, Dominique a Dominique bantam hen, Romeo, a partridge Cochin too, Don a Dominique bantam rooster, Zealand Dominique bantam hen, and Starling the bane of my existence, a Easter Egger pullet who makes the same two sounds over and over as long as she's conscious. Zealand hatched her in secret. It is her qown making.
    Left to right: I think at one point he had a name, but now I call him Wheaten Ameraucana rooster, Walnut, a Rhode Island Red, Furrybeard a Wheaten Ameraucana hen, Big Mama a wheaten Ameraucana that has enormous pupils, another one I forgot the name of so I just call him Bantam Buckeye rooster, Pecan or something, LF Buckeye hen.
    Major Quantity, Australorp hen.
    A single factor cuckoo d'Anver rooster.
    Ashe, blue silkie hen. These Silkies lie on the ground in the coop. THEY DO NOT ROOST!
    This Silkie somehow got locked in a cage and forgotten about for eight days without food and water and survived. Everyone has just thought something had got her. (With a little frantic help.) That was months ago. Despite them not being right in the head, they must survive stuff pretty well. I had almost thought there was one less of these things to worry about. Moral of the story: problems come back to you if you let them solve themselves. They won't. At least she's the better looking one.
    Bobber, partridge Silkie hen. Silkies are the thing I loathe other than that Easter Egger. Yes, they are nice, to touch, to look at, but NOT TO OWN!
    Crabcake, porcelain d'Anver, with an oversized comb.
    ~Special paragraph designated for Zealand~
    Zealand is that Dominique bantam hen who hatched the bane of my existence, Starling. Let's find out how. /At sunset one August night, a couple Dominiques, an Australorp, and a Faverolles were plotting, all female. They hatched a plan, hoping to hatch eggs. Sneaking into a chick delivery box with fake straw, seeming much like a nesting box, they layed their eggs. Zealand decided to take it under herself to hatch these chicks, and meanwhile, another Faverolles was sitting on eggs that we gave her that had a fifty percent chance of being pure. But Zealand's eggs were not. Weeks past by. Somehow, none of my family had noticed she was missing every night, but we had just assumed it, because we saw her every day when she came out. For five days we were on vacation, so Zealand had to forage for herself, no food outside the coop. (We lock the coop when we're gone. Four days before the hatch of the eggs, I FINALLY NOTICED SHE DIDN'T GO IN AT NIGHT. It took two days of spying on her to discover where her nest was, because she would loiter for hours, almost making me think she didn't have a nest, but she kept puffing herself up like a broody. I handled her eggs, and they looked old, so I didn't think they would hatch. But they did, over the course of a week. We got rid of most of the chicks, because of them being crossbred, but I managed to persuade my mother, so I could keep the one that looked like a quail d'Anver, since I am interested in genetics, and could study it's parentage. Worst mistake I'd ever made. Turned out to be that Easter Egger I mentioned. Anyhow, we got rid of the Faverolles who had hatched a pure Buckeye we wanted to keep, so we gave it to Zealand, and at first it was hesitant, but Zealand didn't mind, and it now acts like it never had a different mother. Some died, some we got rid of, so the three chicks we have left are Starling, the Buckeye, and a d'Anver mix. I think half Dominique? Anyways, Zealand is the best mother ever, excellent at teaching her chicks how to dust bathe and stuff.

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  1. LittlePip21
    Beautiful Roos you've got! And the one about Zealand made me laugh! I have a hen that tries to hatch, a silkie, and she's an egg hoarder, she piles up more eggs than her tiny body can cover, then gets bored and starts a new nest after 3 days :rolleyes:
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