A Few of My Chickens:
Midna, my Olive egger, and Famine Dragon, my blue-laced red Wyandotte, do not have pictures yet. I will take pictures of these ladies soon!
Figment Voldemort Porkchop, my olive egger from Fowlrus:

My sweet Hawkeye, the hatchery Buff Brahma with no fear:

And her yet-unnamed hatchmates:

This is Nonsense Bart, my adorable little crossbeaked D'uccle/Ameraucana bantam cross. I love on him a lot and try to make sure he gets all the food he could want because of his beak problem.

Passed out in my hand. :)

My Blue copper Marans cockerel from Amy (HappyMtn):

My little bantam Cochin/Ameraucana cross chick from Amy:

A few Olive Egger chicks from HappyMtn (Amy):



Mahogany, (Hoggy) My Rhode Island Red from Nancy Garry!


Eglantine, AKA Owl Face (for obvious reasons) my Easter egger from Nancy Garry:

My Barred Rock chicks from Nancy Garry:

My very silly, treat-mongering Buff Orpingtons from Nancy:

Black Copper Marans Chick from Keri78 - (Adamsons Acres lines!)

Isabella, my sweet sizzled Leghorn from Keri: