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By daisychicken · Jun 5, 2013 · ·
  1. daisychicken
    When I feed them they all come running to me, and sometimes I don't even have food!!!

    Total Number of Chickens in my flock: 17

    Fred: White Leghorn Rooster
    Penny: Rhode Island Red Rooster
    Butterscotch: Rhode Island Red Rooster
    Daisy: Barred Rock Hen
    Mabel: White Leghorn Hen
    Blackberry: Mix
    3 Easter Eggers: No Names
    2 Baby White Leghorns: No Names
    6 Unknown Baby Chicken Breeds: 1 Named Sneakers


    Lead Rooster: Fred

    This is bad quality photo but your can kind of see him.

    Rooster: Penny (I know he has a girl name)

    Rooster: Butterscotch

    Hen: Daisy

    Hen: Mabel

    Hen: Blackberry

    I only named one of these new ones:


    Baby Chicken: Sneakers

    Easter Eggers and White Leghorns Chickens

    Their coop: (they are free range but they sleep here)


    They will lay eggs in these soon.

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  1. arcy liger
    search eggs where they free range i think that daisy and blackberry are laying

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