My Coop Dimensions/Layout

By The Angry Hen · Sep 23, 2019 · ·
  1. The Angry Hen
    These are the basic sizes, dimensions, the layout of my coop setups. Within time, I intend to expand by building one large, portioned coop in a chain-link fenced run.

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  1. christatothemax
    I never thought of using the upper parts of my barn for animals!
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    1. The Angry Hen
      It isn't too helpful when you want to take bring the chickens outside- but it's much warmer in the winter and it's a good use of space!
    2. christatothemax
      Perhaps I can build a sort of ramp for them from the attic downwards - if I ever expand!
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    3. The Angry Hen
      That's a great idea!
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