My first chickens and ducks

By ronpat peeps · Aug 18, 2013 · ·
  1. ronpat peeps
    Disco a swedish black, Maggie a magpie and Rowenia a rounen
    [​IMG]Rooty my little rooster
    [​IMG]Speckles friendliest one sitting on my knee
    [​IMG]Betty in back and Susie in front
    [​IMG]Marshall a rooster

    [​IMG]Goldie and Chicken Little[​IMG]Buzzy only one laying eggs so far.

    Here is all my chickens and ducks. I don't free range too many neighbor dogs but I do have a large pen. I keep them more for pets. I also have 7 quail and 4 chuckar. I love to sit out with them in the evenings. Polly and Wilma I got as chicks but the rest I got when they were big enough to be out in the pen. I got them all from a local place who will exchange any roosters I get from him. I have exchanged 3 roosters so far but think I have all hens except for the 2 roosters. All of them get along even though I got them at different times. I found that if I got at least 2 at a time they bond and it makes it easier to intergrate them all. There is some picking on each other but not serious. Buzzy is the queen. Even the roosters get along.
    Hope you enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.

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