My First Flock of Feathered Friends

By Abraeri · Feb 27, 2018 · ·
  1. Abraeri
    I've always wanted backyard poultry, and while I always thought chickens were the only option, whenI saw ducks it was love at first sight. When we moved to a 5 acre house with no HOA, ducks were the first things we got, 3 day old ducklings from Metzer Farms.

    Here they are on the day we got them (August 3rd, 2016)
    There are 5 White Layers and 5 Golden 300 Hybrids. One drake of each variety.
    Augu 3r copy.JPG
    From the very first day their was no way to keep them out of the water.
    August 3.jpg August 8th.jpg

    They grew up fast. From itty bitty ducklings to toddlers:
    August 16.jpg

    And they grew up just like any other duck, with endless love for all things dirt and water. And mud.
    August 19th.jpg Aug 19.jpg Aug 19.jpg

    At one month old, they were no longer little ducklings. They were all grown up.
    9:18 hey.JPG

    By October they were already accomplishing adult responsibilities, like helping us look for pecans:

    Practicing their synchronized hawk watching:

    And digging holes in mud.

    Weeks passed.

    The drake finally got his full coat of feathers, beautiful colors on his head and wings.
    novem 05 16.JPG

    They flapped their wings and tried to fly
    Flying Duck dec 28 2016.jpg

    And the white drake was assured of his masculinity by the little curly feather on his tail
    Male duck dec 28 16.JPG

    All was well.

    And then this happened.
    Egg Dec 21 2016.jpg

    The very first egg.

    Soon we very getting three a day. Then 8. They were grown ducks now.

    But of course that didn't stop them from doing what they love.

    Then tragedy struck. In September, a month after their first birthday, a fox attacked. We lost one duck that sad day, a Golden 300 we had dubbed "Loud" for her outgoing, obnoxious personality.

    But life went on.

    September 15 2017.jpg

    They went through a molt... and one drake found himself a mate that he's now never seen without.
    sept 15.jpg

    It snowed, and they left waddle prints everywhere...

    And just when they thought they were safe, they were attacked again, by a hawk. It got it's talons on one, our "pretty" duck, but she managed to survive through the hardships and is still thriving today.

    So they look forward to a bright future full of peas, corn, worms, and, of course, lots and lots of mud.

    IMG_0601.JPG IMG_0265.jpg 11.14 Duck.JPG

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  1. happy duck
    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! Love your little ducks!!!
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  2. Drake Wrangler
    I've got to say, that was a real nice feel good slideshow + story. It has the innocence of youth and foraging together, the hardship of attack, the excitement of the first egg, the victory of escape, watchfulness from experience, the beauty of romance, and all in accordance with the life of the fantastic ducks with freedom to have fun.
      Abraeri likes this.
  3. ~Cuba~
    The waddle tracks in the snow are just soooo adorable! Great write up!
      Abraeri likes this.
  4. ChickNanny13
    Thank you for sharing, they are so cute. Waiting for more ducklings :)
      Abraeri likes this.

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