It all started when my grand-daughter came over after going to the Callaway County Fair 2010. Her Dad and his girl friend took her to go enjoy the ride and games. Well before they left she saw a game that had chicks as a prize and of course her Dad gave in a played for her, luck us, and he won one chick. They brought it home to the grand-parents and had her ask if would take care of it for her (tricky tricky)
they knew that we would if she asked us, "PaPa will you please take care of my chicky please PaPa?" Well who can say "no" to that, not me.
I put the little guy in a big box I had built for one of our dogs to have pups in (I cleaned it with bleach), and got a waterer and feeder for it. Everything was going great, I made up some plans for a coop so I could get afew more chicks (maybe 15 more). So I got some of the stuff I needed to build it with from a friend that tore down his huge garage, got lucky there, no money spent on supplies, yet. I was building the coop and working on it everyday and into the night. Then one afternoon while I was working on the coop I had forgotten to shut the garage door and a dog from next door got in-side and found the chick, bad news the chick didn't make it, and the dog wishes it hadn't made it (but is doing fine but no longer comes over). We all know how this went down afterwards, it was a pain to tell my grand-daughter what happened, but she took it better than I thought a 6 yr old would.
So there I was with a coop that was e few days from being complete, so I finished it. Told Zariah that we'd get somemore chicks sometime soon. In September I placed an order for 16 chicks, 6 RIRs (one being a roo), 5 BRs and 5 AUS. Ship date was to be October 4th, they arrived on the 7th, went to the post office to pick them up, to my
suprise there was 110 chicks. Yes a 110 , I was freaking out, so I called Cackle and asked what was up. They had sent me some elses order along with mine. Ended up that the extras where mine at no charge but what was I to do with 94 extra chicks? I gave 47 of them away, and sold the rest, I kept 19 (going to be 23, getting 4 back that I gave away). Anyway Zariah is very happy now, she named the rooster "Roo" and he's hers (and mine of course), and when she comes out she helps with the feeding and watering, this coming summer she'll help with the cleaning also but till then that'll be my job.

I'll be adding pics soon.