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By clifford258 · Aug 25, 2013 · ·
  1. clifford258
    I went out to get eggs one day and found that I had a broody hen.... about 3 days later another hen went broody and wanted to sit on the same nest. In the nest there was 19 eggs. Friday I found I had a chick that had hatched and is under the two hens :)!!!! In the nest are eggs from 1 Red Sex link, 2 Pearl Leghorn, 1 White Rock and 1 Tetra Tint! The Father of my chicks is my Beautiful Amberlink.
    Now the picture below is not normally how they sit. Normally they sit side by side... Today I went out and found them stacked with a chick under them sticking its head out [​IMG] haha it was so cute!
    After 6 chicks hatched one of the Mother Hens had to get off and start teaching the babies how to eat [​IMG] the other hen stayed to keep the eggs warm!
    While The mother Hen was out teaching her young there was another chick that had hatched. The photo below was taken about 1 hour after The mother hen had left with her young![​IMG]
    Below I have posted Pics of My Amberlink Roo (Rooty), Red Sex Link (Sally), 2 Pearl leghorns (Tammy and Cotton), and 1 Tetra Tint (Cammy). 1 of the Pearl Leghorn is Mother Hen. My White Rock that sat in the nest with the other Mother Hen name is Tootie :)

    Rooty [​IMG]


    Sally [​IMG]

    Staring from Bottom to top is Cammy, Rooty, Sally, and Cotton enjoying some nice cold watermelon on a hot day, very refreshing[​IMG]

    Tootie on the right and tammy on the left [​IMG]

    Hope you all enjoy[​IMG]
    Clifford and Jessica

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  1. BantamFan4Life
  2. MandyFitch
  3. clifford258
    I loved it to! When i first saw it i was like Awwhhhhh lol WHY!!! heehee
  4. desertegg
  5. abserbean
    Cute pics! I love the one of them all stacked up, tag team parenting.

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