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  1. willowbranchfarm
    ~Willow Branch Farm~
    Princess (Above)
    All my hens have started to lay. I've already gotten 90 some eggs and I only have 7 chickens. They have been laying around a month or two. This is my first egg layer. (Below, Beauty) She's a Black Australorp. [​IMG]
    She has only missed one day, and has layed 28 eggs. She is my best layer. <3
    Here is Willow (Left) and Wendy (Right) my Silver Laced Wyandottes.
    And my two Black Australorps Beauty (She in the back) and Nellie (She in the front). When Nellie layed her first egg (Wednesday March 11 2012) she was egg bound, but she pulled through and layed the egg and is all better. :)
    This is Belle. She is a sweetie and is very frisky and loving. She was chasing a bug one time that was flying and it was so funny. She was jumping every were and zigzagging. I was laughing. She is also really small compared to all the others and she gets picked on the most. She's crazy.
    And this is Amber. She is just your all around girl.
    :) Thanks for checking out this page :)


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    Awesome birds! :)
  2. willowbranchfarm
  3. Jadore Poules
    You take great photos! Your ladies are just lovely. I enjoyed the personality summary of each one, too!
  4. jeep381
    Pretty girls! The australorps look like my black jersey giants!
  5. Sally Sunshine
    I love your girls!
  6. turkengirl
  7. arulnathan
    Really liked your last shot "Bye" very intresting....thanks for posting.
  8. Daloorashens
    Cool pics!! I like your birds=)
  9. Scooter&Suzie
    Awww, your chickens are so cute, Rebecca!
  10. jessiduck
    beautiful! they're all so cute!
    p.s. - I'm homeschooled too :)!

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