[FONT=georgia,palatino]My how times change........ I remember not to long ago sitting in my backyard watching 8 chickens scratching around and having the time of there lives. Now I have a total of 60 chickens and 13 ducks. I can not believe how addicting this is. I started out with 1 incubator and now I have 3.[/FONT]
My backyard flock now consists of BLRW, Silkies, Barred Rocks, EE's, Silver Spangled Hamburgs and Cochins. I have Serema's in the brooder along with Light Brahmas. I also have Millie's in the incubator along with Black Copper Marans. WOW.... that is interesting.
I also have eggs for sale from some of the breeds....pm me if you are interested. All of my eggs are pure.