Hello peeps!!!!!!
Yes, the great chickendiva25 has a family, and a very annoying too!
One Mum and Dad. (Both giant movie quoters -_-)
One older brother (He's the one who does MMA, and "practices" on me...)
Then theres Moi! (The odd, crazy, horse loving, book adoring, Catholic, Pro-life, random, artsy, and all around silly chickendiva25!!!)
A younger sister (She's the Tae kwon do one!)
A younger brother (He does NOT stop talking about star wars >:-(....)
ANOTHER younger brother (Er, he's a little, weird....)
A sweet baby sis (She's so cute!)
Here are the animals

Ozzie (May he rest in peace)
Benny (A German shepard Mix I think, and he's so cool! Although I think he wants to eat the chickens......)
Zoey (Although she isn't technicly our dog, she hangs out around our house all the time. She is a lab-chow mix and super sweet)
Gimli (He is a tabby cat, and really awesome. He only likes select people though.)
William (May he rest in peace)
The chickens! (6 Austrolorps and 4 Brown leghorns, and 6 Buff orpington babies :D)