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My little bundles of fluffy yellow heaven

By AdrenolineLove · Aug 16, 2013 · Updated Aug 16, 2013 · ·
  1. AdrenolineLove
    I didn't know I wanted chickens until one day I went to the store and bought chickens... c'est la vie right?

    Less than an hour after the switch hit in my brain that I needed chickens I was at my local feed store picking out the two perfect babies.

    I have been in love since the minute I laid (heh heh) my eyes on those little peeps.



    As you can see, everyone in my family is in love with them as well. (*this may appear dangerous but through rigorous testing we deemed this safe enough to photograph)

    My wife and I go outside every night and hold them. They have grown so attached to us they follow us all around the yard whenever we go outside.

    They are completely free range in my backyard here in Las Vegas.



    Within a month I wanted... no... NEEDED more of them. I was hooked.



    As you can see, they get along smashingly.

    In fact, they have taken on quite the personalities. They pretty much own my backyard.

    At first I was worried about the neighborhood cats getting them but every morning I go out to collect my eggs there are cats laying with them and drinking out of their water bowl at the same time. I'm quite amazed every day I get to have these creatures in my life.



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