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By County Boy · Oct 11, 2013 · Updated Oct 14, 2013 · ·
  1. County Boy
    County Boy's member page here. I first got my account on BYC in February of 2012. I misspelled Country Boy and spelt County Boy instead. It took me a couple days to realize why I couldn't log into my account.

    Anyways- I was born in '97 and started my flock in 2009. Just as most chicken lovers do I started with hatchery quality stock that I hatched from my grandfathers birds. I started out with 8 9 hens and 5 rooster of various breeds. I continued to let my chicken addiction grow adding in more hatchery stock Silkies from McMurray hatchery along with quality Brahmas and Bantam Cochins. I started hatching and trying to make a name for myself in 2011 and ended up just blowing money that entire year. So in late 2011 I was looking at Cochins on Google and found the most beautiful birds ever. after a couple months of drooling I made a BYC account so I could contact the owner. I ordered hatching eggs and was able to hatch my first Lemon Blue Cochin.

    I continued talking with Lynne on BYC and purchased 2 Lemon Blue hens and a pair of Brown Reds from her. I also got a Mille Fleur Cochin Bantam cockerel. This was the start of my Cochin addiction. I continued on buying Cochins, making friends on BYC and learning about the variety's I had. I added blood to my Mille Fleur project from Nancy Wicker and those birds started me on my Mille Fleur project. I hatched a lot from this pen but winter the following winter brought bad luck for me and I lost many of my birds to predators including my favorite MF cockerel Henry-

    I followed up from here purchasing a new rooster from Nancy Wicker who replaced Rem, my MF from Lynne. I did manage to keep Lynne's blood in my birds though as I hatched a very nice cockerel (Nigus) from eggs she sent me and kept 2 of Rem's daughters. I also bought a very nice frizzle hen from Amy named Peppermint.

    I also had Buff Barreds from Lynne that I got late 2012 and hatched from them and got somebeauties who I sold think I wouldn't need them since I had their parents PB and Honey. well, a fox killed PB I couldn't keep honey because of how much I missed PB. About 2 months later, I had PB's son Nugget given to me and also had one last cockerel named Lil Man who I hatched from PB. I have Nugget in with a red frizzle hen to hatch some more beauties.

    From here I wen on and bought a very nice MF trio from Nancy once again to help with my program. Lynne also sent me a very nice LB cockerel to keep my LB project going. These are some recent pics of my flock to show you all what I am up to. I would really like to thank, Lynne, Nancy, and Amy for my solid foundation and all the advice to help me get this far. They are some great people.;)

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  1. Sally8
    They are so beautiful!
  2. featherweightmn
  3. chickenboy190
    Awesome Chickens!!!! :D

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