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My Memphis Flockers.....

  1. Yartenrag
    I am from a long line of poultry farmers, both as homestead flocks to process farming but I had not dipped my toe into the poultry pond until just this past February .

    I initially purchased 15 chicks, 5 mixed breeds , 5 Cuckoo Marans, and 5 Black Stars.....hoping for 15 hens....ended up with 7 roos and lost two hens to predation ...so I had 6 hens left after I culled roos....I purchased 5 more hens and now have 11 hens....

    This is Smurfette my Blue-laced Wyandotte mix Olive Egger....very olive drab colored eggs, with speckles in them...lays every other day...
    Lucy and Ethel My Gold Laced Wyandottes mix..they both lay LARGE blue eggs.... very bright sometimes almost Robin's egg blue...lay almost EVERYDAY....these two plus one of the C/queens are just egg factories....

    A likeness of my hen Maude...she's camera shy! A Silver-laced Wyandotte...she lays pink eggs...same exact color every egg...lays 5 days a week
    This is Jethrine, my Cuckoo Marans hen and the Alpha hen...lays large chocolate brown eggs...lays 5-6 days a week...
    I have three Cinnamon Queen mix.....lay 5-6 eggs each per week, per hen in a lovely light green to blue colored shell...
    and 3 Black Stars... that lay brown with lovely speckles all over them eggs. anywhere from 3-6 eggs per week per hen..

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  1. Yartenrag
    Go to my page and see if you can see the pics I posted....one girl lays very blue eggs the others shades of light blue to light greenish but NOT olive egg dark like Smurfette's... The first day I opened egg box to that beatiful blue egg I thought my roommate was playing a trick on me with a dyed egg...then I relized I had been the last person to check boxes that morning and the first that afternoon...!
  2. outdoorsii
    Pretty girls! I love gold laced dotes & I was about to say blue eggs WHOA weird.....seems like even if there was an amerucana in their bloodline somewhere they'd have dark legs or poofy cheeks, or something, they almost look pure to me!, and yea my silver laced and gold laced lay eggs that are almost pinkish, technically brownish pink but yea!
  3. Yartenrag
    Thanks for Ova Nutcase, and for all the great comments about the girls guys....My Grandfather would be proud of my little flock, he always had a hundred or more birds and all kinds of breeds besides just chickens. I waited 50 years to even start and on top of that I live IN the city so I think I did pretty good for a first timer and no help but my own!... I posted some pics of the eggs and I am trying to upload pics of my henhouse and run from the start to finish project.
  4. Yartenrag
    Yes Memphis , I also live here in Memphis, sorry it has taken so long to answet that but I have to admit I lost my way to this page until today... To answer questions of egg colors I was told upfront about the one olive egger (Smurfette) but as far as the breeders knew all the other hens were supposed to be straight up brown egg layers there was no mention of mixed breeds except thr Cinnimon Queens and the Black stars both breeds being brown egg layers but apparently there was a Ameraucana somewhere in the flock all the blue and light green eggers (the cinnamon queens) came from same farm as did the two Wyandottes....the pink egger is just a very light brown egg but pink none the less.
  5. Bogtown Chick
    All of those birds are just beautiful. I would take any of those for my flock. Lovely!
  6. Aaisha
    Wow what Beautiful - really Pretty girls you have there!! <3
  7. Nutcase
    Beautiful birds!
  8. theoldguy
    Very nice looking birds,gratz to you :)
  9. emma p
    They all are so beautiful!
  10. Cheryl1948
    Pretty girls....love Lucy and Ethel. You need a Ricky and Fred. I thought when my Silver Laced Wyandottes start laying that the eggs would be brown. Didn't know they lay pink eggs!

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