My name is Chrissy, I live in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and have kept Chooks, Geese, Turkeys , Cows, Calves , Sheep, 2 Goats, Raised Wombats and Kangaroos to return to the wild and a Horse for a period of 20 years on and off since moving to a rural area from the City.

We have always had ramshackle chook coops, so my Son decided to build me a nice new Chicken Coop and Run.

There were two joined Bird Avaries which over the years had become over grown with Vines and Honeysuckle. This is what he has transformed into my Chicken Coop. I don't have any plans because it all came from my son's head. The only part of the original old building that was left in place are 5 hardwood logs that were in good sound condition so we left them in the ground.

List Materials used:

9 Non toxic treated Pine sleepers 200mm x 2.4m for foundation and nest box frame.

5 Hardwood logs that were already in the ground and 3 new fresh cut hardwood logs from our property. 3 mtrs long which were cut to size after placement.

20 non toxic treated pine 75mm x 50mm x 5.4m rails.

170 Hardwood fence pailings 100mm x 1.8m.

2 Sheets of Termi proof Yellow Tongue Flooring 900mm x 19mm x 3.6m.

15mtrs. 12.5mm square Bird mesh 1.8m. high cut to length.

2 Boxes of Mini U Staples.

1 Box of framing nails 90mm x 5000 for Nail Gun.

1 Box Brad nails 50mm x 1000 for Brad Gun.

6 Black steel T hinges.

2 Gothic Gate Latches.

12 Sheets Corrugated iron second hand, that we already had.

1 Length Ridge Capping cut to size, Already had.

8 Ltrs. of Cabots Desking Oil Stain Merbeau.

4 Ltrs. Heritage Red Roof Paint. Dulux Sola Guard.

1 Second hand Window frame. Already had.

Roll of Vinyl my Son had left over from a job he did.

1000 pavers donated by my Son's mate.

1 self filling Water trough I bought on EBay new.

Misc. fittings to pipe it in.

Poly pipe and fittings to build the feeder.

I have taken pictures of the progress of the Coop and run over a 4 week period approx.


The Clean Up....Out with the Chainsaw. Don't worry, this is NOT the Coop.


Now that all the old timber and vines and wire are removed, we can get to leveling out the site and start to build by placing in the new poles.

Framing started on walls and roof...

Attaching wire, making doors and staining.

Laying the flooring...My husband at the door, my Son was inside.

Vinyl flooring glued down under wood shavings ...

Finishing touches.... painting and staining and sand in the run.

This area will have paving...

THE END...the finishing touches.
The Coop and paving completed and a new tap.