My New Chicken Coop And Run

Lots of hard work went into clearing away all the vines. Nice looking coop. I like the pavers.
What a cool coop!
I love all of the pictures! Your son did a great job! I'm envious that you have a water source right there at your coop! I think that looks like an automatic waterer inside the coop. It looks like it is down real close to the sand floor. Are the chickens kicking sand into it? Is it staying clean?

I like the supply list. If your son could have sketched out the design after he was finished that would help anyone that wants to try to recreate his design. Also, a pros and cons section would be nice so we could see what you liked and what you would have changed if you were to do it all again.

Thanks for posting your coop
This coop page is one of the best I've seen! The coop is not only perfect, but the whole article about it is soo informative! Very well done!
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