It took me 6 months to build, my wonderful sister was my second set of eyes when door wouldn't seat correctly, and I took the design from the Wichitah Coop and I thank you for that! Not being a construction trained person I relied on my son in law for adding the siding and roof. We painted as we went along which was time consuming, but saved serious time in the long run! I have built three coops and this is our best build to date! I have added the window which is difficult to see in the pictures. I framed it and added plexiglass to it and added a chain and hook,for holding it open and a slide lock to hold it closed, it is covered with 1/2 inch construction wire. I added the feeding chute also taken from a BYC site and the waterer is behind coop placed on bricks a five gallon bucket with a pipe thru the wire to a PVC pipe with nipple waterers times five. My grandchildren had a fun time helping and watching. They even kept trying out the coop by bringing in our baby chickens to play.