My rooster doesnt know how to mate?!

By gimpisawesome · Apr 7, 2015 · ·
  1. gimpisawesome
    Ok so my rooster is an ameraucana but his right foot is club foot. He hangs out with our hens around the coop and tries to mate by pecking their necks and nothing else. I know he's trying to mate because he sneaks up on them. We have another rooster who is bigger and mates alot. The smaller rooster watches sometimes but still cant do it. I even tried placing him behind the hen but he still cant do it. He just rams into them. We are also getting rid of the bigger rooster soon so i hope that will help. If anybody could leave any tips please comment or tell me why he doesnt know how.

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  1. gimpisawesome
    Im deleting this the gimpy one chases the hens and then bites them ANYWHERE to get a hold of them, then drags them down, steps onto their backs, and mates. He does it as long as the other one is gone. He can run faster than the bigger one too, and he has a broken foot
  2. Free Feather
    Can I see a picture of him?
  3. gimpisawesome
    When he is startled he kind of flies and runs and to jump he has to flap his wings alot but he can fly better. Also he is 8-11 months
  4. Sambi89
    How old is he? Does he hop or jump when startled, or better, can he jump at all? Does he scratch the ground? Can he roost?

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