this is my coop, i do not have pics of it while in construction but, its 6x4x3
item list
8 hinges, 6 2 x 4 's ,9 sheets of plywood,roofing,wiring,cement,6 pieces of thick,strong wood,and lots of nails/screws,jigsaw,staple gun.
First dig a hole about 3 ft deep put the thick strong wood in so it sticks out of the ground as high as the coop,put the cement in the hole,get a piece of plywood screw or nail it in like a table.get the jigsaw cut a few holes along the side of the bottom put the wiring over that(so IF water got in it can drain out)next, put in 3 2x4s so the can sorta roost on them,put up the sides up by nailing them into the strong thick wood sticking out.Get the jigsaw and cut rectangular holes in the sides, put 2 hinges on each hole so it folds out (so you can collect eggs) next get the JS (jigsaw) and cut three holes as thick as the 2x4 's are,put them in and drill into the thick strong wood on each side,put the roof on, be careful!!!,and them put the roofing on,And if you want you can paint it!!!!!