My Spoiled Silver Laced Wyandottes

By ZaksGarden · Aug 29, 2012 · Updated Sep 2, 2012 · ·
  1. ZaksGarden
    I have always had a love for chickens, I am not sure who or what I have to thank for that. I have raised several different breeds of chickens throughout my life, but as of April 2012 I became hooked on Silver Laced Wyandottes.
    We got our baby chicks on April 1st of 2012. The chickens I had raised in the past I had never bonded with quite like these chicks. I got them when they were a day old, and they lived in my basement for close 2 months before we got their coop built outside. (We still find feathers every now and then!) [​IMG]
    Raising them from practically birth was one of the most joyful experiences I have ever experienced in my life. It is very fulfilling to say the least!
    So we got our coop finished in late May/Early June of 2012 and then it was time to move the girls out of the basement and into their new abode!
    This is the girls in their awkward stage. Watching their plumage change each week as they grew was very intriguing. I never knew just like when we were in middle school, chickens as well truly have an awkward stage!
    They grew up so quickly! I remember looking at them on several different occasions and asking myself "How much bigger are they going to get!" Even now when I look back at their photos as little bitties it bewilders me.
    Our hen Petunia has crooked toes and a crooked Spine, and this was very alarming to us - until we realized. She does not have a clue she is any different, and she is not in any pain! We do not plan on letting her reproduce but she is enjoying her life, and my girlfriend has taken a special liking to this chicken, she's been dubbed "Princess Petunia."

    Wanda has always been the first to take off into flight, but she also has the most beautiful lacing out of our bunch. She will fly up to a stranger that comes over and land right on their shoulder. She flies on top of our yard furniture. Her sisters walk everywhere they go and she almost always chooses to fly. I'm not sure what it is but she likes being in the air!

    Wilma has always been the shy one, as far as allowing us to pet her or hold her. It's always been a "catch me if you can" game. Once we win and get a hold of her she acts as though our loving strokes and affection disgust her. (But we know deep down she loves it.)

    And last but not least we have Wynonna. She has sort of been my favorite since birth. She would always sit in my hand, any even now she will walk right up to me and allow me to pet her or pick her up. She's also always been the biggest girl, and boy is she the first one to come when she sees a treat. I think she'd fight to the death for a sunflower seed or mealworm. She truly loves to eat.

    As they have continued to grow their lacing has really come out! This is Wanda, she loves to fly up on the wooden fence and strut her stuff.

    Once the vegetable garden practically died out due to the summer heat this became the chicken's territory. They have pretty much stripped the whole area of any vegetation. I'm not sure how they will take it next spring when we plant again and this becomes off limits. [​IMG]

    Here is Wanda, again....always flying up on to something new.

    Any time someone comes over to our house and see the chickens they always say. "Wow, I never knew Chickens could be so beautiful"
    It always makes me chuckle...most people assume chickens come in white and yellow. They ask what kind of chicken are they and I tell them; "Silver Laced Wyandottes" and the response I usually get is "Wyan-wha?" [​IMG]

    Here the girls are eating their 2 favorite treats, Watermelon & SCRATCH!
    We got out first egg on August 28th 2012! And 4 hours later we found a 2nd egg! It was such a surprise to us, probably to the chickens as well. They didn't quite make it to the nesting boxes! Hopefully as they lay more and more the laying boxes are for.

    Here are our first 2 eggs on the left, compared to a store bought Grade A Large Egg on the right. Raising our Silver Laced Wyandotte hens has been such a rewarding experience! They are the best pets we have ever had. [​IMG]

    ...AND YES! They DO make our breakfast. [​IMG]

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  1. BantamFan4Life
    Beautiful! I don't know how you tell them apart!
  2. CedarCluck
    You have some beautiful SLWs and a gorgeous coop. I also raise SLW (well down to one now thanks to a pesky hawk) and she has literally become the most attitudy bird who thinks she rules the roost. Its so funny to watch her fluff her feathers at her sisters when they get the treats that she wants all to herself. Feel free to check her out at . I think they are a beautiful breed, but I am also very fond of RIR and Orps.
  3. adgcountrygirl
    I have an SLW-Easter Egger cross and a GLW-EE cross. The SLW-EE cross lays green eggs. I've been a sucker for Wyandottes since I got them in 2011. I added BLRW to my flock this year and they are great too.
  4. KathyJB
    I'm glad you still have Petunia. I have a rooster I believe is a New Hampshire Red named Honky. He honks more that clucks. He has one leg longer than the other as well as crooked toes. We keep him in a coop all by himself. When I walk by in the morning he gives a crow, kinda of a honk sounding crow, to alert the other roosters I'm on the way to let them out. We let him out in the yard to eat grass. He can't get away from us.
  5. ZaksGarden
    Thanks everyone! =) Makes me happy to see such kind remarks.
  6. lakeandme
    Adore your coop! We have 4 RIR and 2 Black Star hens and 1 Brama Rooster for protection. We just started getting eggs this month also. Silver Laces Wyandottes are our next breed we are getting in January.
  7. Back on the Farm
    Love your girls... they look happy & healthy. I think SLW are next on my wish list as well.
  8. myyardgirls
    love your girls, and don't you just love those that aren't just "perfect". They really do have lovely feathering patterns.. Your patience in waiting for your breakfast will surely be rewarded...nice pics too
  9. Chef Pizghetti
    Beautiful birds and very cool story. Silver laced Wyandottes are on my next wish list!
  10. NebsFarm
    Thanks for sharing the photos, I "adopted" my silver laces from a cute lady who was moving and she practically cried when I bought them from her since she raised them from chicks just a few months earlier. They have been a real prize in my collection of hens. They are great layers and just beautiful to look at but I wondered what they looked like as chicks. I had never even seen this breed before now, what a fun find.
  11. HenFriend
    WHat beautiful photos.
  12. Our Roost
    I have 4 with the same temperment as you well noted. Very inquisitive! For what ever reason, these birds love to fly and spread their wings so to speak. They were the first to get a wing clipping but it hasnt held them back from loving life. Beautiful birds! Nice posting.
  13. Ullie
    Congratulations, they look beautiful, awesome photos and I love your coop & run
  14. judyki2004
    Your hens are absolutely beautiful!
  15. Whittni
    Cute chickens :)
  16. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  17. StarLover21
    Aww, they're so pretty. I have have a silver laced too- aren't they just darling!
  18. Dawna
    I got 5 SLW chicks in February. We kept them in our garage till the weather warmed up then put them outside in a pen and coop. They were well protected from everything except snakes. In April a snake tried to swallow one, but she was too big, but she was smothered by it. So we were down to 4. I let them out to free-range with my other chickens about a month later. Everyone got along okay and after about another month I put their coop in the same pen as the others and now everyone was together. They are run off of food by the other hens, but they are bigger. I haven't named any of them. It's been so hot here that all the hens lay sporadically. I have 7 laying hens now, but have never gotten 7 eggs in one day. Some of the four SLW still are laying small eggs, but all the eggs are a smooth pretty medium brown. All of them are so pretty. My husband and I were really fascinated with watching them as they developed. Their feathers and feather patterns are so pretty. One has more white than the others, she is the one my husband put in here. Good luck to you with your SLW.
  19. Heartforchickens
    You have some gorgious girls that are super lucky to have such a wonderful "mom". Silver Laced Wyandottes are my favorite breed. Beautiful doesn't describe them well enough. The patterns are nothing short of miraculous, but then I think the One who made them is very capable of making that happen. My one, Alma, was hatched April 25 and has yet to get the deep red comb and wattles. She is a mighty busy beaver. As you said, it is amazing to see how their feather pattern develops so quickly. You think, how did that change and where did those come from almost overnight? Good luck with your girls and I'm sure you will only grow to love them more. I don't know what it is about chickens, but they just have a way of capturing your heart. Still waiting on my breakfast!

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