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By SirUlrichsMom · Dec 16, 2012 · Updated Mar 26, 2014 ·
  1. SirUlrichsMom
    Items I am looking to swap for-
    EGGS- Jersey Giant, Orpington(except buff),
    OTHER POULTRY STUFF- chicken feeders, give me some

    PLANTS- starts and stuff id like
    OTHER STUFF- . little boys stuff 3yrs and older,anything is a possibility if you bring it to my attention i may deside i want it

    Non-smoking home, I do have 2 dogs and 2 toddlers in the house.
    list of items i have up for swap. will include pics of as much as i can.

    books up for swap- Great mix of all kinds, These have ben read by my father and/or myself. We both share a love of reading(i gotta flex those brain muscles to keep the dyslexia at bay), Many have been read by both of us, some by just him and some by just me.

    paperback pick 6-8

    Hardback books pick 3-4



    Candy Apple red is actually a paper back but it was found with this book so i put it with this in the pic.

    other items
    IM WORKING ON A PATTERN FOR SADDLES WITH WINGS. it may take some time so please be patient.

    ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SIDE SWAPS (unless otherwise stated)-

    Beetle kits- 25-35 darkling beetles that are laying will be sent in wheat bran along with some additional wheat bran for future litter changes/ egg removals. they will have carrots and/or celery in their container for moisture.

    Mealworms- will be sent with some potato, carrot and /or celery, as well as some wheat bread

    Mealworm starter kits- want to grow your own meal worms? I will set you up with a kit of the basics of what you need to get started. It will include some worms(small and large ones), mid-stage (the stage between worm and beetle, they look like little alien pods), and some beetles, as well as some flax seed, wheat germ, and/or wheat bran(their food), and information on growing them. i will include pieces of potato,celery, and/or carrot and wheat bread during shipping for them to snack on and provide moisture.
    * will have to pick up a container of your choice.*

    Mini kits- will include fewer worms, mid-stage, and beetles. you will also get a bag of flaxseed/wheat germ.
    *you will need to provide a small container, such as a plastic shoe box(.97-1.00 at walmart)

    Waterer Nipples- a sets of 10 nipples (side swaps will get an agreed upon quantity)

    PVC WITH WATERER NIPPLE- I will send pre-assembled pvc waterer tees, with nipples installed. The nipples will be sealed in so that they do NOT leak, and the pvc will be sealed. all you will need to complete your project is the length of pipe you want them on and the water source. currently have 1 1/2 inch pieces made up. Im making more sizes.

    I can do custom crochet scarves they take about a week (I work on them around my work schedule, and taking care of my son and the chickens) and i can find just about any color, and make them for any size, young kids,teens, or adults.
    An example of the scarfs i make.
    i can also make some infant blankets as well but they will take longer.

    JEWELRY- Handmade wire wrapped jewelry. i have several pink stones similar to the ones pictured but a bit larger, as well as 2 more of the red hearts. I have lots of cabochons to choose from, as well as lots of loose turquoise and other stones that i can put in a cage pendant. i take special requests as well just PM me.
    some exaples of my work
    the blue one is my own personal piece made with silver wire, the two pinks are cats eye wrapped in gold and where requests from a gentleman my grandfather knows, the heart is red turquoise wrapped in silver and is currently up for sale with my grandfather.

    the spider is and old work of art i created, he is curently enjoying the home of a spider crazy woman who wears him everyday.

    *more stuff to come as soon as i get the time

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