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My Swap Stuff

By pasunset · Mar 31, 2012 · Updated May 9, 2012 ·
  1. pasunset
    Pasunset's Swap Page
    Here I have items available for swap!​
    BOOKS Available(Pick 2)
    [​IMG]Hard Cover/Great shape. Retail $19.99 [​IMG]Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail $19.99

    [​IMG]Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail $29.99 [​IMG]Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail$19.99

    [​IMG]Soft Cover/Great Shape. Retail $14.99 [​IMG]Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail$29.99

    [​IMG]Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail $29.99 [​IMG]SoftCover/Like New Retail $19.99

    [​IMG]SoftCover/LikeNew Retail $14.99 [​IMG]HardCover/Good Cond. Retail $29.99

    [​IMG]HardCover/Good Cond. Retail $24.95

    Hatching Eggs Available(Pick 1 or Mix)

    6+ EE's
    10+ Barnyard Mix Eggs, Silver Wyndotte, RIR, or EE (All covered by my pretty EE Roo)

    Things I'm looking for:
    Lavendar, Blue, & Black Ameraucana Eggs
    Lav. Split Ameraucana Eggs
    Goat Milk Soaps
    Country or Rustic Decorations

    Swaps I Owe:

    Swaps Owed To Me:
    3-chicken saddles from doubletraining

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