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My three chicks I hatched. Pearl, Owly, and Highstepper

  1. sssharon

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  1. sssharon
    What is duck week? Is that the weeds that are growing in my run? I had to take my chick that I thought was a hen up until a week ago to my daughters to live with her. He turned out to be a cockerel. I know his sisters miss him. He was crowing a little to much this morning and I was afraid someone would complain. I had a hair appt. and I couldn't stay around and keep an eye on him so I just gave him up to her. They will take good care of him unless he messes up and then you know what.
  2. TeaChick
    They're beautiful!!!
    It makes each chick more special when you hatch them yourself. =)
    The duck week in the first picture is good for chickens, it's high in protein! =D
  3. sssharon
    These are three of my grandson's eggs. I hatched them in my incubator and they are such sweet birds. I think they are my favorite probably because it was a lot of days making sure everything was alright with temperatures and everything else that goes with an incubator. It was worth it. They are a mixture. Two Rhode Island Red mixtures and I think Pearl is actually from two Americana or Easter Eggers. Love my birds.

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