My Three Chicks

By Chillychick37 · Mar 25, 2013 · Updated Jul 8, 2013 ·
  1. Chillychick37
    My chicks are Silkie Chicks they are two weeks old. I got them from a wonderful breeder named John in Manorville, NY. I have researched and wanted Silkie chicks for about 3 years and finally got them. I named them based on their behavior. One I'd named John Ross for JR on Dallas this one is a little pushy, the littlest one is Baby for Baby in Dirty Dancing because she is so cute and timid, the black one my daughter named for Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean because he is always exploring.

    July 8, 2013-

    Update so i believe I now have one rooster and two chickens! JR was renamed Betty because we thought she was a girl so we have a rooster named Betty and he is so sweet for a rooster I love him! Baby is still very tiny and still named Baby she is very, very sweet. Jack Sparrow is very aggressive when it comes to eating but still very gentle and sweet, however I believe that he is really a she no crowing other than one time and now she make hen noises, but I am still not a 100% sure. I know Betty crows every time he hears my voice! He crows to let them out and free range too! I will post pictures and would appreciate any info as to if Jack Sparrow (black) is a rooster please. They are now 4months old.

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