Sept. 2nd, 2010

Wow I finally got a green egg yesterday. (Sunny of all names laid it.) Dominique she is a Dominique. LOL I traded two roosters for her and a sex-link from a farmer who goes to the feed store to sell his chickens. They were two good roosters but, didn't want 3 roosters with only 5 hens. Any who I have had a hen in my tractor coop hiding eggs. I have four nest boxes and in front of the nest boxes there is hay too well, there is now. We tried to figure out who was doing it. Low and behold I walk outside last night and find out it's Dominique. Ok problem solved I just added more hay to the nest boxes so my other hens can lay their eggs without getting broke. Today I find out why she has been hiding eggs. She is broody and makes since her mom hatched her. She wants to be a mom so, as of tomorrow I will have baby chicks in 21 days more or less. That's if they are fertile and if she actually stays on the eggs. This is her first time going broody. I got her at about a month or two old in Aug. 18, 2009. Not only her but, my blue Silkie Cali went broody Aug. 25, 2010. She has 5 eggs under her. Not Silkies eggs though. I have too many of them. The only reason I got silkies was for their broodiness. If I would of know that I already had a chicken standard size I would of gotten only two silkies. I will say I am having a blast raising them. I have one hen who is a trip she wants me to kneel down and pet her she likes to move the end of my shirt and put her head under my shirt tail. She is a B.O. (Buff Orpington) She is the one I thought was going broody. She use to be miss touch me not. Not anymore. She is a wonderful hen. Makes me wonder if she will go broody too. LOL that would be just my luck. I will be moving Dominique to a brooder box tonight as soon as my hubby gets home. That will be fun. NOT she is quite mean and puffs up but, it's her way of protecting her soon and hopefully baby's. From the way she acts she will be a great mom. Or at least that is what I am hoping for. In time I will know. I have to keep running outside to collect eggs before she steals them. I am picking and choosing what eggs I want to hatch. Then again, I think she is too when I am inside I have a few girls that wait until the very last moment to run in and lay their eggs. So, I guess tonight I will know when we move her. Thank goodness I only have 11 layers unless someone else started to lay. Well, I will update this page later as soon as I find out and move her to her own brooder. I finally found out how many eggs she had seven and I gave her two more this morning mostly Easter Eggers. Now just going to have to wait and see if any hatch. I hope they do. I am excited. I just need to try to keep busy and let them do all the work. I hatched some out in January of this year in a homemade incubator that me and my hubby made. Here is some of the Pic's of them.
out of 24 only 3 were roosters not bad and had two quit on me in the shell so I think it was a good hatch still hurt that they quit.