I'm new to keepimg chickens and so far I'm liking it. It all started when a friend at work said she as going to start to keep chickens. I said it was always something I wanted to do so that day I went home and asked my husband what he thought. I was met with a firm no way. So I let it go and stored it away as a topic to be brought up later. I had a strategy, I would drop little facts about why we should keep chickens and the beifites it would bring. A few days later after work a met up with my husband at his cousins house. There on the floor was a strange wiggly sack. I asked what it was told it was chickens ! Surprised, all I could say was shut up ! That was the day I got my first two hens and now I have five hens in my flock, Loca, Nieves, Pepper, Sasha, and Goldie. All very loevly little ladies. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much personalty chickens can have! Each one of my hens has it's own unique personality. Loca is a tad crazy, very talkitive and definitely rules the roost ! Nieves (snow) is quite and calm. Pepper my barred rock is a little bit silly and the easiest of all to handle, Sasha my black sex linked is very inquisitive and if your quiet enogh will come hop up on your lap to check you out. Goldie is my buff orpington,. She is a little dim witted and very "chicken" that is she's scared of every thing. I have three children and they enjoy collecting their eggs and ofcourse holding and petting them. I am in the process of building them a new larger coop and hoping that willbe done soon. For now they mostly free range around the yard and share a small temporary coop we built for them. I'm looking forward to many years of keeping chickens and learning all I can.
This is My daughter with Pepper and Sasha.​