Welcome to Fowl Play Farm

Most of the fowl here are golden pheasants now.
I did start with chickens though, here are some pics.
I do have some EE eggs in the incubator now.

Bubba and, Henry.

Bubba showing off.


Yellow Golden roo.


Momma protecting her younguns.


Whitie the cat meets Bubba bird for the first time.


My First Coop!

The outer skin that you see is a fiberglass material called chemlite. This was recycled from an old semi trailer roof.
When I first started getting this stuff it was broken into 4'x4' sections to fit in the dumpster. Now I get it in rolls
8' wide and, 50' long. I have built all of my tractors and, my little goat barn from mostly recycled lumber. I used
the chemlite as siding and roofing on all of them. The door you see was made from a couple of oak skids. The black
plastic pipe was recycled from an old well. I used it to run electric fence wire on the sides after a coon attack.


Here is the original green house plans used for this.