My username comes from my guinea hen, Mykee. here is her story:
Last August, one of our pearl guinea hens sat on a nest of eggs. I wanted to tame a guinea to love people, since all of our other ones are wild. I stole one of her chicks and raised her as my own. I named her Mykee because baby guineas are called keets, and before she had a name, I called her My Keet, so I dropped the t and got her name, Mykee.

I kept her in a box in the basement, and took her out to the patio for fresh air every day.

Mykee would follow me everywhere I went. When she got too big for the house, I put her in a dog kennel in the shed. Then she moved into a triangular chicken ark. She lived there for a while. then Mykee started to get very pecky. I think she was lonely and wanted to be with the other guinea fowl. I moved her to the guinea's pen in the barn. There she lives happlily today, still very friendly and she thinks she is a person.