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By mzstre · Nov 16, 2012 · Updated Mar 30, 2013 · ·
  1. mzstre
    FLOCK INFORMATION (as of 03/3/13)

    Euskal Oiloa, Marraduna Basque (Basque hens) - hatched 02/12
    - current breeding pen has 1 cockerel over 5 pullets

    - I have1 and a cockerel growing out. There are 2 other pullets nearly at POL that I will be keeping.
    - photos in album
    - Egg availability: currently laying

    Lavender & Black Split to Lav Ameraucanas - hatched 01/12
    - NOT currently in breeding pens
    - Egg availability: available if you want EEs as they could be crossed with Basque or possibly even a bantam cochin lol

    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes - hatched 03/12
    - exhibition quality group obtained directly from Jerry Foley in 09/12 & 10/12
    - 1 rooster and 4 hens in the group
    - Jerry showed 1 pullet at the APA Nationals in Ohio & she placed Reserve Variety
    - a few pics added to album 04/13. Sorry they were taken with my cell camera. I have lost my good camera!
    - Egg availability: Limited as I will be hatching most of these

    Bantam Cochins - hatched 04-14-12
    - 1 gorgeous mottled cockerel, 1 calico pullet & 1 silver laced pullet
    - these are running with laying flock currently, but I will eventually separate them for
    pure eggs
    - pics in my album
    - Egg availability: Eggs may not be pure currently. I may eventually offer them if I acquire a few
    more pullets and separate them into a breeding pen.

    Olandsk Dwarfs - hatched 04-14-12
    - only 1 pair currently laying (lost other mature pullets to a predator [​IMG])
    - 1 pair of juveniles (hatched 12/15/12)
    - several younger chicks growing out
    - Egg availability: I cannot offer eggs with only a pair...although she lays nearly every day, I would
    not feel comfortable shipping eggs more than 3-4 days old. I may offer them later if I acquire more
    pullets or when my juvies grow out.

    Sebastopol Geese - pair obtained as goslings in May 2012
    - pics in my album

    White Bresse - hatched 12/02/12
    - 9 pullets and 2 cockerels

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  1. mzstre
    Thanks! The Olandsk Dwarfs are such cuties and we just adore them!
  2. CochinBrahmaLover
    interesting birds there..... Love the olandsk dwarf's though

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