Name That Chicken! A Guide to Improving your Identification Skills

Excellent explanations and photo support. This is an area I am definitely struggling with! I really appreciate this and will "practice, practice, practice" as you suggest. Thank you for taking the time to help.
gives a person lots of food for thought and some ideas on improving too
So good! This is going to help me!
This article works systematically through the things to look for when trying to work out the breed and gender of a chicken. The illustrations are well chosen and labelled to support the text. There are links to further useful resources e.g. comb types. There are tips for how to practice and hone your skills when you are ready to give it a try. All in all, it is a very informative article that really encourages the reader to have a go!
Covers all basics and educates to spot misleading traits using pictures. Most helpful!
They way you included bright, beautiful visual aid to this article is brilliant. That really added to what otherwise might be difficult to understand.
That was a helpful article - clearly just touching on the tip of the iceberg, but I learned things, and I learned guidelines that I hope will help me keep learning.
It gives a lot of great pointers. Great read
I learned a lot from this article, I thought the comb was a for sure thing to factor in when determining gender
Very helpful!
Very informative article! Well written. Thank you!
This was very informative for me (a relatively new chicken owner). It is interesting to see all of the exceptions to the supposed "rules."
Great article! You covered everything! One thing I would say you could use for future articles, is that when cockerels get 8-12 weeks old, their feet are generally much larger than the pullets feet.
Thank you for the well written, very informative guide. The pictures to show your explanations were perfect!. Much appreciated!
this will come in very handy to many users, I’m sure. Great job!
Well written, great pictures to illustrate the process!
Thanks for the lesson. I think I'll use it in my chicken class at school! :) The photos are helpful to make your points clearly. Much appreciated.
.... does not work with chickens. Very messy and awkward. :)

Awesome article, it's great to have access to so many years of expertise but also tips to practice and build your own skills!

Thank you!
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