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Nancy in Alaska's Page!

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Well............................. My name is Nancy, I live about 25 miles north of Willow Alaska with my chickens and 22 dogs.[/FONT]
I got my 1st chickens in the summer of 2008 from a woman in Wasilla who has been raising chickens for years. She is an inspiration to me and still always there when I need some advice. I ordered some chicks from McMurray this past year, and she raised them for me, as I was afraid to try, it's alot colder out here where I live than where she's at. I brought them home at 5 wks. I ordered some surprise special pullets from Ideal and had them shipped to my post office. They were all dead, they sat in Anchorage an extra day because they didn't get in before 5am. Now I have poultry shipped to my friend, her post office gets 2 deliveries a day. All of the replacements made it and are a part of my flock now.
I've tried to have Silver Crested Polish chickens and haven't had too much luck with the chicks. All but 2 of the 10 I've gotten have died, I did get lucky and have a pair now, hopefully I'll be able to raise some myself this year.
I have light brahma's, white rocks and wyandottes, colombian wayndottes, golden campines, cuckoo marans, australorps, speckled sussex's, black sex-links, a red cap, an iowa blue, a buff orpington, an old english game hen, an egyptian fayoumi, and some cuckoo crosses I got my 1st year. I also have 3 blue slate turkeys, one black tom, a slate female along with a splash female, babies this summer?? I got a wild turkey from animal control this winter, I think it's a female, still pretty young.
Why so many dogs?, you may ask. When I came to Alaska I got into mushing which worked until my back went out on me.
I live a simple life and am a happy lady who loves her dogs and her chickens!​