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I have pictures of my birds on here, birds for sale, and how to contact me.
I am a highschool student in FFA, Future Farmers of America, and my main goal is to conserve rare breeds of poultry. I currently own and breed Large Dewlap Grey and Buff Toulouse geese, and large fowl Salmon Faverolles. I also raise meat turkeys and chickens, and sell pasture raised eggs locally. I ship eggs, and sell chickens and geese locally and at shows here in California and in the surrounding states ( ex. Nevada ). Thank you!

Salmon Faverolles

The Rooster and his hens are German/Dark Faverolles ( explanation here https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=99480 ) and have all filled out nicely this summer. I have shipped eggs with great hatch results, and have hatched a couple myself. More pictures upon request.

I sell eggs, chicks and started birds. I will not ship birds, but I will ship eggs.
R0010887.jpg R0010896.jpg R0010890.jpg R0010893.jpg

Rip Van Winkle (Rooster) won 1st Place at the Tri County Fair
Dame Van Winkle (Hen Pictured) won Reserve Grand Champion of the Show at the Tri County Fair and Grand Champion Large Fowl. She also won Second place in Showmanship at the Tri County Fair.

Large Dewlap Toulouse

I have a breeding flock of 2 grey ganders, 4 grey geese and some grey youngsters. I also have 2 buff geese, and I plan on getting more. They are separated between my house and the Highschool FFA farm. At my house they range on an acre and in an orchard. They have a pond to swim in and lots of water to wallow in when we flood-irrigate. At the school farm they have a creek, pond, and tons of grass to forage on. Not that Toulouse forage much, their size makes it difficult for them. They are a sweet, docile breed that was mainly developed for their table qualities and for foie gras, goose liver. They don't wander much, and have a much quieter deeper voice then most geese. They are endangered and listed in the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy under "Watch", though this also includes the much less rare, production Toulouse, also known as the barnyard goose.
"Only 654 standard Toulouse, and only six primary breeding flocks." are recorded in survey data according to the Amercian Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and that the " the standard Toulouse clearly belongs in the Rare category and needs immediate attention. Again, prompt conservation efforts will prevent further decline of these breeds."
My birds are 2 years old, still young, and still growing. I have had 80-100% fertility on all shipped eggs so far. My grey breeding flock has a male that carries a recessive gene for Buff. Out of every 4 goslings hatched from his eggs, there should be 1 buff.
Eggs are $20 each and I sell them in groups of 2-6. I can send more then one shipment if more then 6 is wanted. I package individually with bubble wrap. Out of 10 shipments I only had one egg arrive cracked due to poor handling on the post office's part. I dont have any this year, but in 2011 I plan to have started adults for sale and goslings if anyone is willing to drive out here for them. If not I sell them at shows like the Stockton show and sometimes in Bakersfield at shows. I am not confident in shipping birds yet.
These pictures were taken during the breeding season. They are lightweight at this season. During show season, they gain almost 25% of their weight. I'll get some photos of them like this soon. It shows their shape much better and their dewlaps are heavier too, so they hang more. It is just a flap of fat anyways.
R0010937.jpg R0010946.jpg
R0010862.jpg R0010863.jpg

My Columbian Rock bantam trio. Very sweet birds. I will send eggs if anyone wants them, and/or hatch chicks and sell them. :)
No chicks this year, sorry! I had my broody hen mother a cochin's chicks since her's didnt make it.