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By ncummins06 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Welcome to
    "The House Of 13 Finches"
    My name is Nicole, and I am a 4th generation Oregonian.
    I am a city mistake of birth I think. I believe that I would thrive much better in a country setting with a few acres to have a sustenance farm. However, I have settled for numerous indoor critters and a large aviary. I have society finches and zebra finches, and several button quail eggs in incubation. I am planning on becoming an outlaw chicken owner very soon.

    I cleaned out my aviary today and, when I checked my finch nest, only one of three chicks was there. I am perplexed because I know that three hatched--I saw them last time I cleaned the cage. What's strange is that I didn't see any dead chicks either in the nest or in the litter. I suppose its possible that they got buried in the litter or nesting material has covered up their tiny carcasses. How sad [​IMG]. But, on the bright side, the new baby is starting to get its feathers and make noise. I absolutely love baby cheeps. Yeah for the survivor[​IMG].

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