I'm a grandmother of 3, soon to be 4, and a great grandmother of a 2 year old boy. I retired for the 3rd time last year..lol
I love in Mulberry, Fl. with my hubby of 35 years.
I currently have 6 RRR hens, one blue laced red wyandotte, 2 light brown leghorns, 9 true ameracanas, one tufted BBR, tailed araucana roo, one BBR tufted tailed pullet, one double tufted, rumpless blue pullet. (Note: This double tufted rumpless blue pullet crowed today, so I guess I have my tufted, rumpless blue roo..lol) I almost forgot that I have a pair of silkies...white roo, and partridge pullet.
I have on the way tomorrow 3 clean-faced rumpless blue pullets, and one rumpless clean-faced blue roo. Am still looking for a tufted, rumpless blue roo.(See note above)
I have 3 chihuahua dogs, and 4 koi fish in an outside pond
I also raise and release orphaned baby squirrels. They always come back around to give me kisses and ask for food. One of my females is pregnant. They are so lovable and sweet!