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By NeseO · Mar 5, 2015 · Updated Mar 21, 2016 · ·
  1. NeseO
    3 skeins of this[​IMG]

    yarn with %55 polyamide, %35 Superwash Merino and %10 Angora

    2 Skeins of [​IMG]
    Bulky yarn, 76 yards per skein. 49% acrylic, 45% wool, 6% polyester
    A Large No Crow Collar,
    or 2 books

    The Eat Right For Your Blood Type Hardcover Book


    Double Delicious Cookbook

    Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day



    Two 3.5x7 inch trays of baklava that are handmade with real and spectacular ingredients and since it is made fresh, I will need a couple days to get them together and sent.

    Columbo's Mystery Movie Collection 1994-2003 (is in great condition, watched them once)

    a round 8inch cake tray of Candybar Fudge (I do not recommend shipment during hot conditions).

    I am interested Cream Crested Legbar hatching eggs,
    possibly more Faverolles:)

    Swaps Owed to Me:
    Skyline Farms Faverolle Eggs Received.
    Sonew123 Mix of EEs and CCLs, Received.

    Swaps I Owe:
    Skyline Farms Baklava Shipped on 3/23/2015
    Learycow Baklava Shipped 3/7/2015

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  1. NeseO
    What do you have to offer? I'm new at this:)
    Walnuts or Pecans,
    Super Bulky Yarn,
    Faverolle or Araucana chicks or eggs...
    I'm open to suggestions:)
  2. Handyhens
    what would you want for the bulky yarn and/or the baklava?

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