Glad to be here at chook central.
We have 3 little bantam hens. They were 3 weeks old yesterday ^^
Two Black & one Brown. Bought for "companion animals" more than
egg laying. (but eggs are a bonus) Always loved chickens, their little
body shape is soooo darn cute.

We bought a new coop for them when theyr old enough

The instructions were pretty bad to put it together...but I managed.
We got the chicks at 3 days old. We used a dog transporter for their brooder.
Cut a hole in the top for the light. Was great for the first two weeks.


They now have a bigger cardboard box. They dont like being on their own & chirp
very loudly if they are on their own. We love them alot. Chicks forever!!!
We introduce to you...Pumpkin, Daisy & Sweet-Pea. Will hope to upload pics of them
at 3 weeks soon.

Bye for now ^^