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By consdrs · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. consdrs
    Well here it is a year later. We had 10 chicks last year in April. This year we got
    9 more. Believe me we could have had 20 more if it weren't for.... well IDK. I could
    have 20 more, easy! Can't blame it on self control, I have none. At the feed store this
    is how it went ... " I'll have 2 of those, 2 of those, 2 of those".... A friend said I have
    it all wrong. I should build my coop for the number of hens I want then go get the
    chicks. OH no! Not me! I go get the chicks and build accordingly... So this weekend
    we will start coop "2" could easily be coop 3 and 4.... I must not go back to coastal or
    burns feed store they are just enabling me... Last year we got 10 3RIR 3BSL 3GSL
    and an EE, Cleo. This year I wanted more, IDK, rare or something other than sexlinks.
    Wanted kool egg colors and went with that. So this year I got 2 Delaware’s, 2 more EE's
    (Cleo is my most quiet, friendly hen) 2 Cuckoo Marans, 1 mystery sex and breed
    unknown bantie, and 2 silkies.
    I'll be happy when everyone has chickens and don't just think I'm crazy!!
    Here is all my "youngsters" not yet a week old.



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