So I started my first hatch on July 5th they started piping on July 24 late in the evening by 9:00 the next morning we had our first chick and my 2 oldest kids got to see it all! We now have 3 mix layers and 1 silkie I think he's going to be black but he's still wet. 1 more silkie almost out and 7 more piped!! I have pics I will get them up soon!

It's july 27 and I am done hatching I'm a little sad about it I messed up and shrink wrapped at least 12 of the remaining chicks
I seen 3 that needed help getting out so I did not realizing that my humidity was going down fast!! I noticed to late tried to fix it but it didn't work. I know now that humidity is so important I will make sure to have the right levels this next hatch.... I'll get into that later. I left the eggs in until today then candled them. You could see them shrink wrapped in it was very sad and I felt horrible. The quitters I can handle even the 9 or 10 clear ones were ok, but knowing that I'm the one who made it so they couldn't get out is a little hard to take. I know it was my first time and that having 14 live healthy chicks even the three that may not have been had I not stepped in should be great and I do appreciate them but it's still a downer about the rest. So I'm going to buy a hydrometer and put that in as well as have sponges ready on lock down day. I also plan to have a power outage safety kit ( seen a thried on here about it) because the next hatch is a big one I have bought myself Wheaten Marans hatching eggs and I'm relying on them to get started with this breeding thing. My husband want's nice dark eggs to sell so That is what I'm trying to get him. I will also be hatching a dozen easter eggers, barred plymouth rock cross for my cousin and amerucana red rock cross ( hubby likes them) I hope to get some olive eggers if that's how that works and from there I don't know. So it will be 42 eggs in all.

The chicks from this hatch are very neat colored I have 4 layers that are a calico color and one even has feather shanked feet ( non of my birds have feathered feet) the rest are silkies( man are they prolific).I have a white roo and 2 black hens so I was really excited to see what came out( not knowing that the white gene is a wild card and you never know what you'll get. So I got 6 black chicks 4 of them look like they are wearing tuxes and have white on the middle toe and white tips on the wings, very cute! I then have 3 gray???? I think.... they look like there dirty like white and black but no mixed smoothly. and last but not least my little white guy(?) the kids named booger ( he looks green ). So not bad but mostly silkies oh well they lay eggs too!