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By fieldyollie · May 10, 2015 · ·
  1. fieldyollie
    Hey everyone, I am Kate
    This is all new to me this week and I wanted to share the first few weeks of me and my lovely for ladies settling in and getting to know each other! so where to start....
    me and my family have been lucky enough to be blessed with a wonderful big back garden and I have always dreamed of owning my own flock and finally decided to take a leap in to managing a flock!

    My Ladies (not yet name)
    • Breed - they are Lohman Brown - really lovely,friendly and very easy going bird!
    • Age - we believe they are around 6 months - but that what the previous owner said but he sounded very unsure, so anyone could tell me the ages of these ladies, it would be fab :)

    Where I got my flock!! -
    well the flock came to us, so we weren't even planning on getting chickens, just checking out coops online and stubble across a very good and pretty much brand new coop on Ebay, it was on auction but i told my husband to be cheeky and see what the person would take to take it down and sell it to us! they lived pretty local and he agreed to sell to us, he also told us that there were 4 chickens that came with it but he couldn't advertise them, due to being (livestock) - he inform us they were happy laying chickens and he didn't want them to become a waste due to him being the only one eating the eggs in the family!

    Week 1 - So this week has been just getting to know each other and understanding what they like to eat and personalities, they have been very happy and we have got eggs every day since they have been with us! I have learnt a lot this week, like chickens in my eyes are the goats in the bird world XD will try to eat everything and anything lol and also they love the rain! they mocked me as i was trying to get them in from the rain, I am the end I gave in and left them to enjoy they wet weather!

    Pictures -
    first day of enjoying long green grass :)

    what is this thing they call a shoe??

    very wet, but happy chickens :D
    this spot look nice!


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  1. fieldyollie
  2. crazychicken5
    I'm glad they found such a good home :)
  3. holm25
    Yiu have some very lovely laidies[​IMG][​IMG].
  4. fieldyollie
    thank you :D i try my best to give them everything they need to keep them happy, they are very spoilt with loads of scraps aswell as the big back garden :)
  5. SouthGaRoo
    Hi Fieldyollie, your girls are so cute, looks like they will have a much better life now that they are with you.Best of luck to you and your girls, and congrats on pic of the week.
  6. tarahharlin
    Beautiful ladies and great photos! :)
  7. fieldyollie
    thank you! :) yeh sadly its normal here with chickens that are in meat/egg trade, luckily things are started change and caged farms are starting to close down so beak trimming should stop! ever since i have had my ladies i havent brought an egg or brought anything then free range for meat, makes me sad to know there are chickens that wont ever feel the wind or touch the grass :(
  8. Silkiebirdlover
    They are so cute!!!
  9. chickychicka
    That picture looks exactly what one of mine looked like before she got sick! Even her beak! I never had any idea of her breed (they call them here just "chicken for eggs" or "chicken for meat"). The one hen I got from a commercial breeder where I live, in Italy, told me that all his egg layers were debeaked; it's forbidden in the U.S. but sadly in Italy (and I read UK, too) it's still rather common practice. Nice little flock! So exciting!
  10. fieldyollie
    thank you :) just to let you all know her beak was like this when she came to me, but im sure it hasnt been trimmed, i believe she may of chipped it off with one of her perious owners! i would never do anything to harm or upset my ladies, hence why they have free range of my big back garden :) we are around 5 weeks in to there life here, they are very happy and we are getting 4 eggs aday :)
  11. KayTee
    It looks like your girls are going to have a wonderful life with you. Good luck for you and your flock!
  12. CherriesBrood
    Beautiful flock! They all look like very healthy happy chickens! I wish I had that green grass to provided for my chickens, mines nothing but dry crumble dirt. Great article! Congrats on your pic!
  13. Free Feather
    Yeah, it does look like the beak has been trimmed. They typically do that to commercial layers as peeps. I wonder why these hens have trimmed beaks... It is pretty painful.
  14. New Chick Love
    Lovely pics! I have some Lohman brown hens and they have the sweetest personalities. Beautiful eggs too. Best of luck with your new flock :)
  15. crazychicken5
    in the second pic, it looks like her beak has been trimmed. has it?
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