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By chimom5 · Jul 7, 2013 · ·
  1. chimom5
    This spring I saw some really cute baby chicks at the local feed store while picking up dog food. I mentioned them to my husband, who said he wouldn't mind a "few" chickens. We decided 4 should be plenty.....right. We had an 8x10 insulated coop already that was on the property when we bought it so what the heck. Right?
    Now 34 chicks and 5 guinea's later... here is our "few" [​IMG]. And yes, we are enlarging the coop. We are adding on a 10x10 so the total coop will be 10 x 16. They have tons of outdoor space and have access all day. We will be constructing a winter run for them because we are in central NY and get a lot of snow.
    [​IMG] One of our SLW

    [​IMG] Four of our 5 Guinea's being adventurous
    [​IMG] Lucy, one of our 6 reds

    [​IMG] It's to hard to name the SLW because they all look alike! More or less.

    [​IMG] Sarah one of two buff cochins, named on request after my niece. She is 13 wks
    [​IMG] Splash, one of my favorites at 7 wks

    [​IMG] Kree and Kayla at 13 wks

    [​IMG] Silvey at 13 wks

    [​IMG] Fric and Frac at 9 wks

    [​IMG] Keith at 9 weeks

    [​IMG] SLW at 7 wks

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  1. Whittni
    Cute, thanks for sharing.

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