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By TaraCory · Mar 25, 2015 · ·
  1. TaraCory
    So...we are new to chickens and all the fun that goes with them. We are building our first coop. I have done quite a bit of research into products to put on the floor of the coop. The inside of their living quarters is in our pole barn with a door to go out to their run. I don't want a lot of dust covering everything in the barn. I thought sand would be a good way to go but now I am not so sure. Can someone suggest the best floor covering with the least amount of dust. Thanks so much.... Really looking forward to our journey :)

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  1. RBiddulph
    My coop is kinda open so I've got dirt/mulch/hay mixture. I occasionally scoop it out and replace the "mulch" which is actually left over wood shavings from some trees we had cut down. They love pecking through the shavings.
  2. EricandJeri
    I used hay at first but it got kinda damp and smelly. I then switched to pine shavings (cheap at tractor supply or walmart) and it is much better, easier to clean out and replace than hay as well.
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