[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]So here I am...a newby when it comes to raising back yard chickens. I just found out that my "pullets" are really "cockerels" 6 months old now....so I traded one for a hen. Now I have a lovely couple (brother and sister). I hope this is ok. They really get along fine and the hen knows how to avoid constant attempts by the rooster to get some. They cuddle at night to keep warm. We have a chicken house that is about 4'x3'x4' and is filled with white shavings about 6" thick for insulation. I hope this keeps them warm at night. I put them inside after dark. In the morning when I get up I let them out into their pen which is approximately 10'by 12' fully enclosed with chicken wire and a roof. The rooster loves to crow for about 15 minutes after I let him out. He is still working on his sound....pretty pathetic right now. They seem very happy. Right now I am looking for new names for my couple. Before I had "Henny Penny" and "Goosey Lucy" for my babies who turned into roosters. Now I need names for a hen and a rooster.