**Update**:Now we have two ducks. One Black Swedish and the other a Swedish mix. We were only supposed to watch the ducks until a friend could make something for them to stay in at there house. Well a week and a half goes by and now we own both these cute little ducks. Here are the pics of them!!! Black ducks is named Ebony and brown duck is named Cocoa.
1 and 3 weeks old: 2 and 4 weeks old:

3 and 5 weeks old: 5 and 7 weeks old:

6 and 8 weeks old: 7 and 9 weeks old:
We are new chick parents. We sould be getting some new chicks in as soon as August 3! We have ordered Easter Eggers (which I am SO EXCITED for), Wyandotte (golden & silver), & Australorps.
We are having a great time making the booder for our new arrivals!!!
We just finished making our chickens outside run and cage!!! It has a fully enclosed run area that is tall enough for us to get in and walk threw. They also have all of there nesting boxes built with covers. They have shaded areas from trees and sunny areas they can get to also. This was a great family project that everyone enjoyed. Can't wait for the chickens to grow enough to be outside.
Our Background in raising chickens is very little and sad. We had 4 chickens given to us because the people who bought them didn't want to take care of them anymore. They were the cutest little chicks I have ever seen (probably since they were the only baby chicks I have ever owned LOL). They were 2 black chickens and 2 brown chickens, which were all supposed to be hens. After about three months of having them the black ones started making this awful noise. It sounded like a baby crying "mommm". Well after a couple of mornings of waking up thinking one of the kids were crying at the crack of dawn we realized it was the ROOSTER! We had 2 roosters and two hens. That was a nice surprise. Well one morning we got up to check on the chickens and one of our hens was still in her box. We called her but she didn't move. We opened up the lid and found she was died. My hubby picked her up and there were 4 scorpians under her. We think those killed her. We decided that we couldn't keep both roosters now. We gave him to a friend that has a large farm with chickens. About two weeks went by then our rooster kept trying to mate with our hen. (at least that is what we were told by everyone we asked) He would jump on her and peck at her. We got up and went outside and our hen was dead on the ground. We think out rooster killed her, she had blood marks all over her. Then we called our friend that we gave our last rooster to and asked if she wanted out other one. It was kind of pointless to keep him, we wanted the chickens to begin with for there eggs. We ended up with one loud mean rooster that the neighbors were getting fed up with being woken up by. At least now our two roosters are in a really great place with lots of hens and space to roam. Hopefully this next chicken try works out better.