1. house082.jpg This is my first small coop i built for my 4 pullets...Peep, Wilma Shirley and Baby. house083.jpg
house082.jpg This is their outside run...its not a large area but they are aloud to free range for a while every day..
Here's the framing for the coop..very basic..my first time framing anything...didnt really know what i was doing-and had a hard time getting things square and level..but i got it.. house093.jpg
Here it is almost done.
All together i spent around $125...used lots of 2x4s and 2 sheets of plywood..and 3 sheets of metal roofing...i covered the run so they could still come out in the rain...the back of the nests open up to collect eggs...they have a window with a flower box and venilation on the other side. I put a small bench at the end and my two boys love sitting there and watching the chickens...i would like to add another coop about the same size at the other end and make the run between longer..maybe next spring i can get to that.
house086.jpg Here's Caleb sitting watching the girls.

house091.jpg This is Baby-i think-we cant tell her and Peep apart..isnt she pretty?!
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