Howdy Partner,
How have you been? (Please reply, replies will be kept a secret) We have been fine! Sorry for not getting back to you in a while! We will be doing chicken shows. Our owner Brandon Bump will be the one showing in these shows, along with David, and Sandra Waterman. We will send a newsletter one week before each show, just in case you can come, If you ever are coming, just email us, and we will send you a special ticket to bring to our stand to get exclusives on our show birds. And the birds you get your eggs from, we probably won’t get many eggs from the show birds at or for a day after the shows. Also we are selling tours for our chickens, you can come when we are open, and I also attached a notice with our hours, also at the STOP sign of our street, there is a basket ball hoop, taped onto it are some Brandon’s Chicks signs. One of them is the same as the one I attached. J Well thanks for your time, and remember you can always reply to these!
The Brandon’s Chicks team!