ShowGirl Project

I started my showgirl project from the ground up using a Turken hen and a black silkie dad. Mom had gone broody and we currently have 2 chicks hatched and I am hoping there will be more to follow!!! Chicks are doing well and seem very healthy!!
I know I could have started by purchasing a good quality showgirl already but I wanted this to be "my project" so I started with my broody Turken hen and my head roo silkie.
This is a page in progress and I will upload pictures and add updates as things progress. I am very excited to do this and was overjoyed to see that first little showgirl chick peeking out from under mom's wing!!

Here is a picture of the proud Momma Turken. Her name is Annie. She was 10 months old when she went broody. She actually had 2 broody buddies also. Phyllis a silkie/favorelle mix and precious a partridge silkie. They brooded all together and are raising the chicks together. It is quite funny to watch them. If the chicks lay under one hen, Phyllis will then lay on top of that hen and they all seem happy.
You can see one of the Show Girl chicks in this picture.


Here are all the broodies with some of the chicks

Here is the proud Pappa of my project. His name is AJ and 8 months old. His topknot was fuller but he got in a tangle with a younger cockeral that wanted to mess with the Mommas and babies and he had ripped most of his topknot out.
This is the F1 generation a few days old. They were hatched Easter Sunday.
This one seems to have more of a bowtie than the other one.They are really cute little ones!!!
Chick #1 Muffin


Chick #2 SugarBaby

"More Pics of Muffin & SugarBaby as they Grow!"