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Nicolas Page

By Nicola, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. Nicola

    My Chooks
    Lucky a cochin bantam [​IMG]
    Violet a lav ameracuna (She has gone to a new home at a friend of the family) [​IMG]
    and tina a Lav ameracuna(she has gone to a new home at a friend of the families.) [​IMG]

    These are the 2 newest chickens i have i hatched them last year their 3 brothers went to the new home with the ameracuna girls.


    and Lucy [​IMG]

    Lucy and Bella together [​IMG]

    Peekaboo! [​IMG]

    Little bit about me. i live in Australia and i have 3 chickens and a beautiful burmese cat :) who is 14 years old


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