Meet "The Girls"

Opal, an Easter Egger

Soda, a Black Sex Link. (She's threatening to bite my toes if I don't bring her a treat stat.)

Reba, a frizzled Bantam Cochin

Reba's bestest friend, Ferner - Also a Bantam Cochin

Boots and Erma - The Mottled Javas

We often just call Boots "Mama" since she's such a good broody/mama. Here she is with some adopted Orpington babies.

The Coop:

The baby brooder - (AKA Boot's other home. She's constantly in a state of Broody or raising chicks) - We made it from an old dog house from Craigslist. It now has fencing around it too

And, me - with Soda, the toe pecker.