HI All my name is Bj. I live outside of a tiny little place called Jonestown Pa, home of like 10 houses. With our nearest neighbors being a farm field away. You know the type of place the ones where you have to drive atleast 30 minutes to get to a post office or anything else for that matter. But I grew up here and well it feels like home. My hubby and I have two wonderful kids and a new hobby farm that we are forever working on. The neighbors say it will be that way for the rest of our lives though or atleast as long as we have animals. After nearly ten years and the death of my Daddy, who was also my best friend, I moved home to the land I grew up on. Now to hear me say this it sounds like I lived hundreds of miles from here for a while, not just a mountain and 30 minutes away. But it truly seemed like a country apart. Any way now we are here and we had to start from scratch three summers ago. There was no well, no house, no power, nothing. Just woods, alot of memories, some dreams and now the creek where Hubby and I met when we were little kids. Everything we have we have created. From orchards and pastures, to flowerbeds made of old stone rows and places to raise our animals.
We are scroungers by nature, no use in buysing someting new just so you can brag about how much you spent on it. There is something truly rewarding I think about making something that was headed for the dump or scrap yard into something useful. Yeah we buy what we need to but if we can scrounge it we will. Hubby is a geo thermal instulation guy so there is always a dumpster to be raided on the job site, and I am the stay at home mom/professional artist/do it all person around the farm. So I am in charge of scowering the papers, classifides and everywhere else for the free or super cheap goodies to make our place into what we have invisioned in a cost effective way.
Summer weekend are usually spent at auctions, hanging out in the campground that my parents had while I was growing up or working around what we call the farm. Don't let it fool ya, we may call it the farm. In reality it's 21 acres of woods with an area clean out of the middle for the house, a bunch of chickens (don't count how many, a rule I learned on here years ago because then hubby can tell you that you can't have more) ducks, some goats, three horses and my Hubby's true love a bunch of coon hounds. (that he doesn't count because then I can haller at him.)
Here will be a great place for me I think to share our experences, our stores and pictures of our progress. A place where people actually understand my crazy obsession with beautifully colored roosters that I get at the local (2 hours away) livestock auction. One I have a permanent number at, something none of our 30 something aged friends seem to understand the joy of. Or fokes that know the pride that comes with a beautiful chicken coop that makes you show it to people before you show off your house. The first egg laid by a new hen that your toddler brings you just to drop in the yard on her way to the house. Plants found reduce to rediculious prices for around the farm and the first peach off the trees you have been caring for since before your house was in. Friends made over auction battles, beer and barbque, and youngsters exploring the world around them. Pleasures completely homemade. I hope you all may enjoy what you find here, just as much as we enjoy our new little hobby farm in the woods.