Reviving the Homestead
After 20 something years we are reviving my grandfathers farm. My great grandmother was native to the area and my grandparents now reside in her old house that has been remodeled. It has basically been turned into a junkyard, forgotten...feels like the pioneer days with a lot more junk thrown into the mix. We have taken up 40 adjacent acres of it to return to self substainment, how it should be.
We are currently in the process of building our turkey coop. We have six bronze breasted that are 5 months old and are a big help (in their eyes) in clearing their pen and landscaping.
The turkeys are temporarily taking up residence in the old chicken coop which will be remodeled after the turkeys move out. 15 chickens are waiting impatiently in our backyard and several have taken to venturing beyond the second fence. Which my neighbors just love. No wait, I think they love the 5 guineas chorus more. They entertain the whole block and beyond with their lovely voices.